Hoover & Strong will be closed November 23-24 for Thanksgiving. Get your orders in now! Orders placed during our closing will be priced at November 27 metal market rates, the day we re-open. Have a wonderful holiday!
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Store Signs and Logos


Customers are looking for Eco-Friendly Jewelry! Let them know you care about the environment and are selling eco-friendly, Harmony recycled precious metal jewelry products in your store.

We have Eco-Friendly Jewelry Store signs available for you to print out and display in your store.

There are two signs for you to choose from!

Store sign 1 (pdf)

Store sign 2 (pdf)


LOGOS - Advertise your use of Harmony Metals and Gems with the official Harmony logos.

Our logos are available as high-resolution eps files for your printed materials and jpgs for your website. Choose the logo that best fits your needs. (Please note that the generic versions do not include the Hoover & Strong name. And, for those customers only wanting to advertise their recycled metals, use the non-gems version that states only "recycled precious metals".

Need the HI-RES logos for printed materials? Click here to download a zipped file containing all eps versions of the Harmony logo to your desktop. They will be in a zipped folder called EPS-LOGOS.zip. These logos are created in illustrator and saved out in eps formats. They can be imported into any page layout program.

Putting a logo on your website? Simply click on the preferred image below with your mouse and drag it (or save it) to your desktop.

Harmony Metals and Gems (H&S) Harmony Recycled Precious Metals (H&S)
HarmonyMG-HS HarmonyRPM-HS
Harmony Metals and Gems (Generic) Harmony Recycled Precious Metals (Generic)
HarmonyMG-NoHS HarmonyRPM-NoHS


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