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Ring Blanks

All of our ring blanks are seamless and manufactured from either washers or tubing.

Those metals that cannot be deformed easily are rolled to the appropriate gauge of flat sheet and a washer is cut. The maximum width for a ring produced from a washer is 9.5MM. Tubing is used for the more ductile metals that can withstand the stresses involved in tube forming.

Blanks are parted from the tube, allowing wider blanks to be produced when compared to those manufactured from washers - up to 14MM wide.

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Ring blanks cut from tubing are available in the following metals:

In Stock
14K Yellow (14Y)
18K Royal Yellow (18R)
18K Palladium White (18D)
Sterling Silver (STR)

Made To Order
TruSilver® (TS)

Minimum Width 2MM
Maximum Width 14MM
Minimum Height 1MM
Maximum Height (see chart at right)



Tubing Chart


Ring blanks cut from flat sheet are available in the following metals:

In Stock
14K White (14W)
Plat/RU (PTR)

Made To Order
10K Yellow (10Y)
14K Red (14P)
14K Green (14G)
14K Palladium White (14D)
18K Pink (18P)
22K Yellow (22Y)
950 Palladium TruPd® (PDR)

Minimum Width 2MM
Maximum Width 9.5MM
Minimum Height 1MM
Maximum Height (see chart at right)



Flat Sheet Chart

NOTE: If you need finished wedding ring blanks, there are separate charges for the following finishes: polish, karat stamp, trade stamp, satin finish, bright finish, matte finish and rhodium


Our tubing dimensions are set based on our finger sizes.

Determine outside dimension:
20.5mm outside dimention with a 14mm inside dimension. (SZ 4 TO 5.5)
22.5mm outside dimension with a 16mm inside dimension (SZ 6 TO 7.5)
24mm outside dimension with a 17mm inside dimension (SZ 8 TO 9.5)
25.5mm outside dimension with a 19mm inside dimension (SZ 10 TO 12.5)

Determine the finger size in millimeters:
Example: SIZE 6 = 16.5MM

Determine the height of the band needed:

Multiply your height times 2:

Finger size plus the height (X2) to get OD:
EXAMPLE: 16.5MM + 4MM = 20.5MM

Determine Circumference:
From a Flat Sheet:
Finger Size plus the height (X2) times 3.14
.648" + .160" = .808"
.808" x 3.14 = 2.537"

  Determing Ring Blank Lengths


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