We will be closed Dec 25-Jan 1 for the holidays. Please note that we are unable to guarantee delivery for the holidays on items ordered after their specific cut-off dates. All platinum and palladium, solitaires and casting that requires finishing 12/11/17; large orders of sheet and wire (100oz +) 12/13/17; bands and findings 12/14/17; sweeps and stone removals 12/14/17; clean scrap 12/18/17; sheet and wire 12/20/17; grain and solder 12/21/17; diamond orders 12/21/17. Have a wonderful holiday season!
12.15.2017 Metal Prices
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Refining Settlement

Settlement Report

You can be confident that you will get the best return on your scrap by refining with Hoover & Strong.

Our new Refining Settlement Report includes a photo of your shipped scrap and an easy to read calculation of your return.


Choose one of three convenient ways to receive settlement for your precious metal scrap. We are committed to providing the best service with the highest returns when entrusted with your refining.



If you use findings or mill products, take advantage of this option for even greater savings! Use your credit to purchase any of the quality products we offer with an additional 1% cash discount.



If it’s money you want, it’s money you’ll get! In other words, once we process your scrap, we’ll either send you a check or wire your money to you. Just let us know what’s most convenient for you. BONUS! We've lowered our prices on Next Day, 2 Day and Wire Transfers! Effective 3-17-15.

Cash Transactions

Cash Transactions








Regular MailThis option is subject to USPS Service. There is a $30 stop-payment fee to re-issue a check prior to 10 business days from date issued. If time is of the essence, wire transfer or FedEx is strongly suggested.



You may want your return in fine gold bullion, coin, or grain. We treat your refining like cash, so you will receive a 1% cash discount.

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