We will be closed July 3 - 7 for the July 4th holiday shutdown. Please place all mill and jewelry orders by Monday, June 26. We are unable to guarantee delivery on orders placed after June 26. Call Customer Service for RUSH availability. Orders placed during shutdown will be priced at July 10 metal market rates, the day we re-open. Have a wonderful holiday!
06.22.2017 Metal Prices
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Press Releases

Press Release-2015-10-19 - Hoover & Strong to feature 360 degree interactive views in their Harmony Diamond Auctions

Press Release-2015-8-5 - Hoover & Strong announces new Fairmined metal source

Press Release-2015-8-4 - Hoover & Strong to introduce Guaranteed Recycled Diamonds in their Harmony Diamond Auctions

Press Release-2015-3-9 - Fairmined Gold gains new ground in the US

Press Release-2014-10-23 - Pioneering jewelers demonstrate demand and lead Hoover & Strong to begin stocking Fairmined gold starting in January 2015

Press Release-2013-10-11 - Win a Harmony Diamond in Hoover & Strong's Diamond Sweepstakes

Press Release-2013-09-04 - Pioneering jewelers make artisanally mined gold available in the US. Ethical Metalsmiths organizes first of its kind gold buy

Press Release-2011-08-01 - SCS Completes Renewal Evaluation of Harmony Metals

Press Release-2010-10-25 - Hoover & Strong Announces Their 2010 SCS Certification of Harmony Metals

Press Release-2010-09-27 - Hoover & Strong and SNAG Announce Harmony Jewelry Design Competition

Press Release-2010-02-24 - Hoover & Strong Announces Expanded Selection of Settings

Press Release-2010-01-28 - Hoover & Strong Announces Opening of Their New York Sales Office

Press Release-2010-01-13 - Hoover & Strong Announces Largest Selection of Die Struck Shanks in the Industry

Press Release-2009-8-04 - Hoover & Strong Jewelry Products Now Available with SCS-Certified Recycled Content

Press Release-2009-6-12 - Hoover & Strong Announces Merger with Keystone Findings

Press Release-2009-5-11 - Hoover & Strong Introduces "We Make It Happen" Custom Services for Mill Products

Press Release-2009-4-29 - Hoover & Strong Introduces "We Make It Happen" Custom Services for Bands

Press Release-2009-4-21 - Hoover & Strong Introduces "We Make It Happen" Custom Services for Casting

Press Release-2008-9-02 - Hoover & Strong Announces Partnership with "Project Never Forget"

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