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Press Releases

Press Release-2015-10-19 - Hoover & Strong to feature 360 degree interactive views in their Harmony Diamond Auctions

Press Release-2015-8-5 - Hoover & Strong announces new Fairmined metal source

Press Release-2015-8-4 - Hoover & Strong to introduce Guaranteed Recycled Diamonds in their Harmony Diamond Auctions

Press Release-2015-3-9 - Fairmined Gold gains new ground in the US

Press Release-2014-10-23 - Pioneering jewelers demonstrate demand and lead Hoover & Strong to begin stocking Fairmined gold starting in January 2015

Press Release-2013-10-11 - Win a Harmony Diamond in Hoover & Strong's Diamond Sweepstakes

Press Release-2013-09-04 - Pioneering jewelers make artisanally mined gold available in the US. Ethical Metalsmiths organizes first of its kind gold buy

Press Release-2011-08-01 - SCS Completes Renewal Evaluation of Harmony Metals

Press Release-2010-10-25 - Hoover & Strong Announces Their 2010 SCS Certification of Harmony Metals

Press Release-2010-09-27 - Hoover & Strong and SNAG Announce Harmony Jewelry Design Competition

Press Release-2010-02-24 - Hoover & Strong Announces Expanded Selection of Settings

Press Release-2010-01-28 - Hoover & Strong Announces Opening of Their New York Sales Office

Press Release-2010-01-13 - Hoover & Strong Announces Largest Selection of Die Struck Shanks in the Industry

Press Release-2009-8-04 - Hoover & Strong Jewelry Products Now Available with SCS-Certified Recycled Content

Press Release-2009-6-12 - Hoover & Strong Announces Merger with Keystone Findings

Press Release-2009-5-11 - Hoover & Strong Introduces "We Make It Happen" Custom Services for Mill Products

Press Release-2009-4-29 - Hoover & Strong Introduces "We Make It Happen" Custom Services for Bands

Press Release-2009-4-21 - Hoover & Strong Introduces "We Make It Happen" Custom Services for Casting

Press Release-2008-9-02 - Hoover & Strong Announces Partnership with "Project Never Forget"

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