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Press Release 2015-8-4

Hoover & Strong to introduce Guaranteed Recycled Diamonds in their Harmony Diamond Auctions

August 4, 2015

Guaranteed RecycledHoover & Strong announced today they will start offering guaranteed recycled diamonds in their online Harmony Diamond Auctions starting August 5th.

Virginia based eco-friendly refiner Hoover and Strong is an avid supporter of the "green" movement and feels it is their social, environmental and moral obligation to produce beautiful products in a way that does not destroy the earth's resources or its people. In an industry where all products come from the Earth, they believe that conserving energy and recycling metals and stones are crucial and necessary steps that must be taken.

Hoover & Strong strives to offer products and services that promote the use of the most environmentally sensitive materials available. As approximately 4.5 billion carats of diamonds have been extracted from the ground since large scale mining efforts began in South Africa in the 1870’s, many millions of diamonds are now part of the world’s existing, above ground, supply of diamonds. In order to reduce the industry’s reliance on environmentally damaging mining practices, Hoover & Strong is proud to participate in the reintroduction of these diamonds back into the jewelry supply chain.

Hoover & Strong launched its unique online diamond auction platform in January 2015, and have since gained momentum and growth as both buyers and sellers are excited by how quick, seamless and transparent the auction process is.

The auctions feature single diamonds larger than 0.40ct or parcels of diamonds larger than 0.20ct with a minimum carat weight of 1.00ct. All diamonds are inspected, graded and cataloged by Hoover & Strong and all bidding is done online through the unique platform. To learn more about the Harmony Diamond Auctions, visit www.hooverandstrong.com/diamond-auctions


For more information, Interviews and photos please contact:

Christin Mills, Marketing Manager at Hoover & Strong, christin@hooverandstrong.com, 804-794-3700, ext. 172


HS logosAbout Hoover & Strong

Hoover & Strong is the leading precious metals manufacturer of environmentally and socially responsible jewelry products. Their Harmony line of 100% recycled precious metals includes over 30,000 recycled gold, silver, platinum and palladium jewelry products, all made in the USA. They also offer contract casting, diamond setting, assembly, finishing and eco-friendly refining services.


Hoover & Strong – Your Responsible and Ethical Source

2008 - Hoover & Strong became the first jewelry manufacturer to produce all of their 30,000 mill and findings products with 100% recycled Harmony gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

2009 - Hoover & Strong became the first manufacturer to be independently third-party certified by SCS Global Services for the recycled content of its Harmony products.

2010 - Hoover & Strong began offering Harmony recycled diamonds and responsibly-sourced Canadian diamonds.

2012 - Hoover & Strong’s refinery received the Responsible Source Certification from SCS Global Services. With 80% less chemical usage and zero waste-water discharge, the refinery is the greenest in the world.

2013 - Hoover & Strong was the first U.S. jewelry manufacturer to bring certified Fairmined gold and silver to America’s jewelry market.

2014 - Hoover & Strong introduced their online Harmony Diamond Auctions, allowing diamond buyers and sellers an easy-to-use, cutting-edge platform for buying and selling recycled diamonds.

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