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Press Release-2009-8-04

For Immediate Release

Hoover & Strong Jewelry Products Now Available with SCS-Certified Recycled Content
Scientific Certification Systems issues first certificate in jewelry industry

August 4, 2009 - Emeryville, CA – Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a globally-recognized independent third-party certifier and sustainability expert, today certified the recycled metal content in jeweler Hoover & Strong’s HARMONY Metals™ line.

"Hoover & Strong sources metal from many sources, using reclaimed jewelry as well as silverware, coins, electronics scrap, eyeglass frames, dental scrap and more," says Chet Chaffee, VP Environmental Programs at SCS, citing input sources that were discovered during the SCS audit process.  "While many jewelers claim to use ‘earth-friendly’ materials, Hoover & Strong is the first to seek third-party certification of its products’ recycled metal content."

Third-party certification provides a level of consumer confidence that self-declared claims cannot. SCS recycled content certification requires a desk audit, an on-site audit of production facilities and, in some cases, lab testing. All certifications are assessed through a transparent process and must be renewed annually.

"Hoover & Strong is proud to be the first refiner and precious metals manufacturer to become SCS certified with our HARMONY Metals™ brand of mill products, findings, rings, mountings, semi-mounts and finished jewelry, says Torry Hoover, President of Hoover & Strong. "This certification not only reflects our use of recycled precious metals in our products, it also shows Hoover & Strong’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing."

The precious metals used in the HARMONY product line – silver, gold, platinum and palladium – are all derived from 100% recycled material. These precious metals are mixed with base metals such as copper and zinc in the alloy-making process. The final HARMONY metal products, as audited and certified by SCS, contain a minimum of 88% recycled content. Pre-consumer inputs come from other jewelry manufacturers’ shavings and stamp remainders, while post consumer metals come to Hoover & Strong from numerous sources, including those listed above.

Hoover & Strong started business in Buffalo, NY in 1912 as a refiner, taking used light bulbs and recovering platinum from the filaments for recycling back into alloys for both jewelry and industrial use. Since then they have expanded to produce mill products, which are sheet, wire, tube and casting grain, and then findings, which are the components used to make fine jewelry such as settings, ring shanks, etc. Hoover & Strong is a full circle refiner; they purchase precious metal scrap, process this to recover fine precious metals, recycle these into jewelry alloys for sale to the jewelry industry. Any scrap or surplus alloy generated by the jewelry industry will be purchased by Hoover & Strong to begin the cycle again – the circle is complete. Hoover & Strong does this through a zero discharge state of the art refinery plant at their Richmond, VA facility.

In addition to recycled metals, Hoover & Strong offers a vast selection of conflict-free diamonds and responsibly-sourced gemstones to their jewelry customers. Certified diamonds from Hoover & Strong’s HARMONY line are mined, cut and polished in the Canadian North and are subject to strict standards set out by the Government of the Northwest Territories that protect the Arctic environment and the mine workers as well. All Hoover & Strong HARMONY Gems™ come from fair trade companies that source their stones from various mines in southern Africa or Australia that utilize responsible practices.

About Hoover & Strong — Hoover & Strong is a manufacturer and refiner of 100% recycled precious metals. Established in 1912, they have grown into the supplier of choice for metalsmiths, large jewelry manufacturers, diamond houses and distributors. They provide diverse lines of products including mill products, findings, diamonds, mountings, semi-mounts and finished jewelry. Services include custom casting, diamond settings, assembly, finishing and refining. Hoover & Strong's vision is to "Provide the world jewelry market with the most innovative, environmentally-responsible products."

About Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)
—Scientific Certification Systems has been providing global leadership in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing and standards development for more than 25 years. SCS programs span a wide cross-section of industries, recognizing achievements in green building, product manufacturing, food and agriculture, forestry, retailing and more. http://www.SCScertified.com/recycled

Contact:    Hoover & Strong, Inc. | info@hooverandstrong.com

Contact:    Rebecca Graham, Scientific Certification Systems, 510-452-8020 | rgraham@scscertified.com

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