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Palladium Sterling Data Sheet

PALLADIUM + STERLING SILVER (SPD) - white alloy - 0.925 silver, copper, palladium

Palladium Sterling is a 92.5% sterling silver alloy which contains 3.0% palladium to give your jewelry that little extra edge. It has been formulated to perform to the highest standards for all jewelry applications and can be cast, formed and fabricated just like traditional sterling silver. Palladium enhances the luster of your sterling silver jewelry and gives your pieces added value. Palladium sterling has been formulated for optimum tarnish resistance. Palladium Sterling can be hallmarked as sterling.

Recommended Uses: SPD is suited for all general fabrication techniques. It is intrinsically harder than standard sterling silver and has improved tarnish resistance.

Casting grain Quick Order - allow 3 days for shipping
Sheet Quick Order - Supplied in even gauges from 8-30, 3rd day shipping
Round Wire Quick Order - Supplied in gauges from 1-24, 3rd day shipping
Flat Wire Quick Order - Made to order as a special, MFG charges may apply
Square Wire Quick Order - Made to order as a special, MFG charges may apply
Half Rd Wire Quick Order - Made to order as a special, MFG charges may apply
Bezel Strip Quick Order - Made to order as a special, MFG charges may apply
Melting Range 1690° - 1705°F (920°-930°C)
Specific Gravity 10.45
Density 5.51 Troy ozs/in³
Hardness 80HV as cast
80HV annealed
160HV hard rolled
Elongation 40% +
Working For best results, H&S recommends SPD is reduced by a minimum of 50% section thickness/area between anneals.
Annealing If using a furnace, anneal between 950° and 1200°F for 10 – 30 minutes, depending on size. If using a torch, heat to cherry red. This alloy may be quenched into a suitable medium after annealing. Note: SPD can be over-annealed resulting in excessive grain growth and low hardness values.
Investment Casting SPD can be cast using standard gypsum bonded investments. Recommended casting temperature: 1780° - 1860°F (970° - 1015°C). Recommended flask temperature: 850°-1110°F (455° - 600°C). Temperatures may differ from these recommenations depending on processing considerations.
Soldering Standard soldering techniques may be used with SPD. Recommended Solders: All H&S silver solders

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