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Our History

In 2018, Hoover & Strong will celebrate 106 years of service to its customers and friends in the jewelry industry!

Through the years, our company has built a reputation on catering to the needs of the independent jeweler, and we are proud to continue that commitment today.

With the acquisition of Keystone Findings in 2009, our product line now offers you the largest findings selection in the jewelry industry. That is in addition to our extensive collection of Mill Products, as well as our Refining and Custom Casting services.

Additionally, all of the products we produce are made in the USA with HARMONY recycled precious metals, and carry the SCS third-party certification of recycled content.

By adhering to the highest standards, offering you the best products, and providing outstanding customer service, we hope to win your trust as well as your business.

We appreciate our long term relationships and the business we do with our loyal customers.  All of us at Hoover & Strong look forward to serving your needs for many years to come. Thank you for over a century of shared success!


The Hoover & Strong Story

Jay Hoover and Harry Strong founded Hoover & Strong in Buffalo, NY in 1912. The company’s original venture was the recovery of platinum from industrial light bulbs, refining the metal and selling it to the local platinumsmiths. Harry Strong stayed with the company for only three years, as business could not support both partners. Because money was already invested on the company sign and stationary the Hoover and Strong name remained. As sales expanded and the supply of industrial platinum scrap diminished, the company started purchasing platinum and eventually scrap gold jewelry.

Jay’s son, Dudley Hoover, joined the firm in 1927. Over the next several years, Jay and Dudley developed various repair products such as sizing wire, half round, square and flat wire and eventually many small repair shops sprang up in the back rooms of jewelry stores across the country. As jewelry manufacturers moved away from Buffalo in the 1930’s, Hoover & Strong followed their customer base by establishing its mail order business.

The company struggled through the Depression years, selling most of the gold it refined to the United States Mint. Jay passed away in 1947. Only five years later Dudley died suddenly and Marie Hoover, Dudley’s widow, took the helm as President. George Hoover, Dudley’s son, apprenticed in the factory and worked his way through the ranks. In 1970, George took over as President. The company grew steadily and decided to relocate to Richmond, Virginia in 1979. Torrance Hoover, George’s son, started with the company in 1981 while going to night school. In 2001, Torry was named President and George Hoover CEO.

Today, H&S continues to expand its product lines as a result of a college paper written by Torry which detailed the expansion by diversifying into finding products. Hoover & Strong purchased the assets of Baker Fendt in 1991, one of the largest ring findings manufacturers in the country, which added die-struck findings to Hoover & Strong’s product line. The company added a casting division to respond to their customer’s desire for more bridal products, custom casting and finishing services.

Although the company sells to thousands of jewelers throughout the U.S. it works hard to keep its family feeling. Hoover & Strong recognizes the importance of personal and knowledgeable service to its customers. Hoover has customer accounts set up under individual or company names, not account numbers. Calls into its phone center are directed using caller ID to designated Service Reps that can focus on giving personalized service. Service representatives are able to enter orders into the system directly and monitor customer accounts quickly. The company depends heavily on the most modern technology available to decrease errors, improve quality and speed up service.

The company relies on its large inventory of wire, solder, tubing and findings along with its ability to manufacture specific size sheets and other special items quickly, allowing most orders to be shipped in one day. Hoover’s large inventory lets the jeweler maintain a small inventory. Hoover’s customers know that they will receive their material quickly and efficiently. In 1996, Hoover & Strong expanded their hours to 8:30 am – 6:30 pm E.S.T to allow customers to call later. Hoover’s efficient service, along with Federal Express, allows you to call in an order in the morning and have your material the next day.

Jewelers dealing with Hoover & Strong like the convenience of receiving new products for their scrap gold. The company operates its refining services with the same speed and efficiency as its manufacturing operation. They offer a rush service offering payment for precious metal scrap in 48 hours. For a small additional fee, the company will melt scrap the day it’s received and assay it the next day. Normal clean scrap is refined within one week and sweeps within two weeks. Hoover guarantees satisfaction for its services. If not satisfied, Hoover will mail the melted scrap back to the jeweler. The company’s origin started with refining and Hoover never forgets the importance of honesty and integrity when refining scrap.

The company excels at mentoring their people to become jewelry experts from the key leaders in the company to the factory floor. Service Reps are put through vigorous training to learn the company’s more than 30,000 products, technical specs and jewelry techniques. The company has hired precious metal experts to direct its Mill, Findings, Castings and Refining divisions. This allows a customer of Hoover’s to use some of the best technical resources in the jewelry industry.

Hoover has invented or perfected many innovative products over the years. Most recently, they introduced Hoover & Strong's TruSeat® Settings and TruSeat® Bands, TruPd™ 950 Palladium, Adjusto Shanks® and the truly beautiful Azure® bands.

The Gold Standard

The company believes they can best accomplish their goal and achieve profitable growth and long term financial success by promoting an atmosphere of mutual trust, honesty and integrity between Hoover & Strong’s coworkers and its customers. The company built a reputation on catering to the needs of the independent jeweler and it continues to be that way today. They are committed to giving the best customer service and products.

Hoover & Strong is an avid supporter of the "green" movement and feels it is their social, environmental and moral obligation to produce beautiful products in a way that does not destroy the earth's resources or its people. In an industry where all products come from the Earth, and the production of 1 gold ring can produce 5 tons of environmental waste, they believe that conserving energy and recycling metals are crucial and necessary steps that must be taken.

Throughout the Hoover & Strong factory, processes have been instituted that conserve energy and re-use materials. Additionally, all precious metals at Hoover & Strong including gold, platinum, palladium, silver are 100% recycled. Hoover & Strong does not buy mined metals. Over half their metal supply comes entirely from scrap metal purchased from jewelers. The remainder comes from other refineries that also recycle scrap metal. These recycled precious metals paired with conflict-free diamonds and fair trade gemstones make up Hoover & Strong's Harmony brand of products and services. From their internal processes to the creation of their products, all company decisions are based on ethical and responsible choices that will positively impact the world.

A willingness to learn and grow responsibly, along with outstanding customer service and products is just a small part of what has made Hoover & Strong "The Gold Standard" in this industry.

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