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06.14.2021 Metal Prices
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Non-Recycled Items

A small percentage of findings are not made in-house. These findings are not recycled and therefore are not considered part of the HARMONY Recycled brand. See full list of these items below.

Non-HarmonyNon-Harmony items are always noted on our website with the Non-Harmony icon.


Spring Rings
CLP5SR – 5mm Seamless Spring Rings
CLP6SR – 6mm Seamless Spring Rings
CLP7SR – 7 mm Seamless Spring Rings

Lobster Claws
CLPL9 - Lobster Claws
CLPL11 - Lobster Claws
CLPL13 - Lobster Claws
CLPLH9 - 9MM Heart Shaped Lobster Claw
CLPLH11 - 11MM Heart Shaped Lobster Claw

CLPP6X16 - Perpendicular Clasp
CLPP3x8 - Perpendicular Clasp
CLPP4x10 - Perpendicular Clasp
CLPP4x11.5 - Perpendicular Clasp
CLPP4.5x11.5 - Perpendicular Clasp
CLPP5X13 - Perpendicular Clasp
CLPS - Safety Clasp

End Caps
CLPF3 – Flat End Caps   
CLPF4 - Flat End Caps
CLPF5 – Flat End Caps
CLPF6 -  Flat End Caps
CLPF8 - Flat End Caps
CLPR1.5 – Round End Caps
CLPF3.5 – Flat End Caps

Superfit® Shanks
SHSF125 - 2.5MM Notched Superfit® Shank   
SHSF25 - 2.5MM Superfit® Shank
SHSF4 - 4MM Superfit® Shank

Pin Stems
PINL –Cuff Link Connection
PINCB2 – Gold Plated Brass Clutch Back
PINS1 – 1" Pin Stems
PINS1.25 – 1.25" Pin Stems
PINS1.50 – 1.50" Pin Stems
PINS1.75 – 1 .75" Pin Stems
PINJ - Joint
PINC - Catch

Omega Clips     
EN11 - Small Omega Earring Clip
EN12 - Medium Omega Earring Clip
EN14 - Large Omega Earring Clip
ENBASE- Omega Base (Yoke)



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