We will be closed Dec 25-Jan 1 for the holidays. Please note that we are unable to guarantee delivery for the holidays on items ordered after their specific cut-off dates. All platinum and palladium, solitaires and casting that requires finishing 12/11/17; large orders of sheet and wire (100oz +) 12/13/17; bands and findings 12/14/17; sweeps and stone removals 12/14/17; clean scrap 12/18/17; sheet and wire 12/20/17; grain and solder 12/21/17; diamond orders 12/21/17. Have a wonderful holiday season!
12.08.2017 Metal Prices
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A Responsible Refinery

Hoover & Strong has been refining precious metals for over 105 years and we pride ourselves on utilizing environmentally-friendly refining techniques that always exceed federal, state and local environmental regulations.

Beginning in April 2012, SCS Global Services, a globally-recognized independent third party sustainability expert, certified us as a "Responsible Source" refiner. We continue to receive the renewal certifications for Responsible Source every year.

This certification confirms our ongoing commitment to the environment and to our customers who demand raw materials that are ethically sourced with minimal environmental impact.

We are proud to have earned this SCS Certification and we will continue to strive to be the Most Eco-Friendly refiner in the industry!

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