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No Risk. High Rewards. Imagine That.

Imagine all the times a customer walked in to your store and wanted to sell you a loose diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry. You probably found yourself wondering and worrying....

  • How much will I get for it?
  • Do I have the money to buy it right now?
  • How long will it take to sell it?
  • Don’t I have too much inventory?
  • What if the market slows down?
  • Do I want to take the risk?
Well, worry no more.



myAuction offers a revolutionary way for your customers to sell their diamonds or diamond jewelry using your own unique auction platform. With this service, you will be able to help your customers sell their goods online at the highest prices, create additional revenue for your store and best of all - with no risk or cost to you!

How myAuction benefits YOU, the jeweler:

  • Improve customer relations by offering a FREE service that helps your customers get the most money for their diamonds and diamond jewelry. This means referrals for you and repeat customers.

  • Increase revenue for your store without any risks. No need to tie up funds in inventory or risk buying jewelry off the street. MyAuction is a safe alternative to traditional direct trading. It allows a safe and easy-to-use platform that brings in business and guarantees a commission for you on every auction item sold.

  • Increase revenue by offering a store credit as payment - Customers have the option of choosing their payment in the form of a store credit, a sure way to increase revenue!

  • Increase website traffic from participating customers. More traffic on your website means more business for you!

  • Less Training of Sales Staff - With the online platform, training employees to evaluate and/or purchase diamonds and diamond jewelry will no longer be necessary and will allow your sales staff to spend more time selling jewelry!

  • Shipping Made Easy - Packing slips and insured shipping labels can be printed directly through the online platform, making it easy and safe to ship the auction items to our facility.

  • Free Training Manuals and Marketing Materials - We provide all the training and marketing materials you will need to get the most out of myAuction services.

How myAuction Benefits YOUR CUSTOMER

  • Peace of Mind for the Customer - With the customer at your side, you will inspect and verify their item, complete the submission form and enter it into the auction platform. Using the insured shipping labels printed from the auction website, you will package and ship the item(s) directly to our auction processing facility. Once item is received and verified, it will be entered into the auction. The customer will receive a welcome email and the customer can then log-in to your store’s website (from any computer or mobile device) to check the auction status and accept bids.

  • Tons of Exposure - The customer’s diamond or diamond jewelry will be seen online by hundreds of qualified diamond jewelry buyers that will compete and bid for your customer’s item, allowing the customer to get the highest prices for their goods.

  • A Guaranteed Sale with Quick Payment - Once a customer accepts an auction bid, the sale is GUARANTEED and payment is processed within 24 hours of acceptance. Customer can choose payment by a wire transfer, check, Paypal or opt for a store credit.

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View an Online Demo Now or schedule a personal demo of myAuction with Brian or Steve!

Brian Shaffer, 800-759-9997, Ext. 164 or email brians@hooverandstrong.com


Steve Gleason, 800-759-9997, Ext. 485 or email steveng@hooverandstrong.com


How MyAuction Works

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