05-27-22 Metal Markets
Gold $1,851.80
Silver $22.28
Platinum $955.00
Palladium $2,044.00
Iridium $4,900.00
Ruthenium $625.00
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A Revolutionary End-To-End Auction Plug-In for Retailers

Designed especially for retailers, myAuction™ offers a revolutionary way for your customers to sell their diamonds or diamond jewelry using your own BRANDED auction platform.

myAuction allows you to offer a unique over-the-counter (OTC) purchasing service, with no-risk or cost to you or your customers.

With current business conditions, combined with gold spot price hitting an all-time high, OTC goods are expected to flood the US market in the coming months.

  • You take the goods on consignment & enter them to auction – no $$$ outlaid
  • Your customer gets to have hundreds of buyers compete for their item, resulting in the best market offer.
  • Your customer has full transparency & control on what they accept
  • You get paid for every item sold

It's a WIN-WIN.

myAuction is FREE and can be set-up on your website within a day. 

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VIEW ON ONLINE DEMO NOW or schedule a personal demo of myAuction with Brian or Steve!

Brian Shaffer, 800-759-9997, Ext. 164 or email brians@hooverandstrong.com


Steve Gleason, 800-759-9997, Ext. 485 or email steveng@hooverandstrong.com


  • Increased Revenue - You make a commission on every item sold
  • Enhanced Customer Service - Offer your customer a way to sell their item for the highest market offer available.
  • Increased Website Traffic - Your customers log in through your website to review and accept the auction offers
  • Flexible commissions and optional store credit - You can offer payment in the form of store credit, for additional future revenue
  • Guaranteed Transactions - Once your customer accepts the highest offer, the sale is guaranteed and payment is processed immediately


  1. We embed a white label auction plug-in on your website, built to match your website design
  2. You accept diamonds and diamond jewelry from your customers on consignment for auction
  3. You ship the items to Hoover & Strong’s Harmony Diamond Auction Facility.
  4. We run a 3-day online auction where hundreds of qualified buyers compete for the items.
  5. Your customers log-in through your website to review and accept the highest bids.
  6. Your customers receive their payments
  7. You get a commission from each auction item sold!


How much does it cost?
The service is free. This includes embedding the plug-in onto your website, as well as training and service. You will be responsible for the shipping fees of any items shipped into the auction or returned from the auction.

How are payments processed?
Payments are processed immediately after the auction ends. We offer both check or wire payments, which can be sent to you or directly to your customers.

What if an item doesn’t sell?
When an auction ends, we ship all unsold items back to your store so you can return them to your customers.

I’m already buying any OTC goods I can from my customers, can I still benefit from this service?
While you can make an offer on any item your customers offer you, not all of your offers are accepted, so instead of turning your customers away, you can offer the auction service as an option if the offer you made isn’t accepted.

I don’t feel comfortable buying OTC goods, can I still benefit from this service?
Of course. Instead of turning away your customers that are looking to sell their unwanted jewelry, you get to offer them a service which will expose their item to hundreds of qualified buyers, allowing them to receive the best market offer for their item.




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