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Laser Wire Specifications

LW - Ultra Fine Laser Wire

Jewelers have been using lasers with great success for a multitude of tasks: repairing porosity in castings, joining components, repairing pieces with stones in place and filigree work to name a few. There are none of the potential problems with step soldering. You can do multiple joining operations without fear of re-melting any previous joins.

There are many advantages to using a laser for joining, but the foremost is “invisible joins”. Laser welding uses the parent metal as the filler, not a solder. The result is seamless joins that wear and tarnish at the same rate as the remainder of the piece.

We offer the following micro-gauges:

Style #

Size (Inch/Ga)





Using this ultra fine wire allows you to use less and save more. All of the metals listed are available in minimum quantities of 1 dwt for gold and platinum and 1 ounce for silver. Please note maximum spool capacity is 2 oz. If you do not see the metal you require, please call and ask about special orders.

Laser Wire Treatments

Multiple spools for laser wire $1.05 each spool.


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