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Laser Engraving

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Engraving is a great way to personalize your wedding rings, making them special and unique. An easy-to-read LASER ENGRAVING makes it THAT much better!

Hoover & Strong is happy to introduce our new Laser Engraving Service. Using high-tech lasers, we can produce precise and easy-to-read laser engravings on our rings.

Ten Fonts to Choose From
Choose from our list of ten popular fonts. If you’d like a font that’s not listed here, just tell us the font name and we can probably do it for you, no problem

Costs of Engraving
Our laser engraving fee starts at $25 for one piece orders. This includes up to 30 characters or symbols, including spaces, on the inside of the ring. If you need more than 30 characters, we can do that at $1.00 per additional character.

Volume Discounts Available
If trademarking or quality stamping, you can save money with volume orders! Prices will vary based on complexity of the engraving and number of rings.

Custom Engraving
In addition to text and symbols, we can also engrave images on to your jewelry. Practically any digitally formatted image can be engraved. Jpgs, eps and tifs are the preferred file format.

Some samples of engraveable images:

  • Your logo
  • A photo of a loved one
  • Your fingerprint
  • Your own handwriting

If you would like custom engraving with an image, please call us at 1-800-759-9997 for a quote. Prices start at $75 for a one-of-a-kind custom engraving.

Volume Discounts


How is Laser Engraving Different from Traditional Engraving?
In a traditional engraving, the personal message gets etched or carved into the surface of the item. With a laser engrav- ing, a laser actually burns the personal message on to the surface. Because of this difference, the more accurate term would be “laser marking”. However, most people refer to it as laser engraving and the name has stuck.

Will a Laser Engraving Scratch Off?
Laser engraving can be done on any metal. The durability of an engraving, done on the outside of the ring, depends on the durability of the metal itself. On softer metals like gold, the ring can get scratched and the engraving will wear away over time. However, on hard metals like tungsten, the engraving will not wear away. Currently, we only do laser engraving on the inside of our rings. Laser engravings on the inside of the ring will not wear away no matter what metal you choose, as long as you wear the ring on your finger. Your skin, because it is not tougher than the metal, will not wear away the laser engraving.

Are Laser Engravings Easier to Read than Regular Engravings?
Yes, laser engravings tend to be easier to read because the laser burns the metal, turning it darker, so it stands out more. Traditional engravings are carved into a ring, and it is the depth of the engraving that makes it readable.

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