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Lab Grown Screening Service

Free ScreeningWe are excited to offer this NEW service to help you separate Lab Grown Diamonds from Natural Diamonds in your melee parcels and jewelry items.

Lab grown diamonds have gained popularity in recent years. While they present a great cost-effective alternative to natural diamonds, it is crucial they are identified and disclosed to the consumers when sold.

If you are accepting diamond jewelry through upgrades or buy them outright from consumers, the items you buy may feature lab grown diamonds. It is your responsibility to make sure you identify any lab grown diamonds before resale, and we're here to help!

Our lab grown detection process is quick and reliable and it allows us to detect both CVC and HPHT grown diamonds. The process is safe for all diamonds and precious metals and doesn't involve any chemicals.

To learn more about the service, call 1-800-759-9997, ext. 164

CLICK HERE to print out our Lab Grown Screening submission form.

Pricing for Lab Grown Screening

Items   Fee
Diamond Parcel - 0 - 50 carats total weight   $49 per parcel
Diamond Parcel - 50 - 100 carats total weight   $79 per parcel
Jewelry item set with 5 stones or less   $5 per item
Jewelry item set with 5-50 stones   $10 per item
Diamond Parcel over 100 carats/Jewelry item set with over 50 stones   Priced upon review


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