NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS: We ask for your patience as we work through an unprecedented number of orders. We know that delivery delays impact your business and we take them seriously. We are working overtime to get through our backlog but advise all customers to plan ahead and expect longer lead times. We deeply value the partnership we have built with you over the years and we plan to get back to our normal delivery times within the next few weeks. Please do not hesitate to call us with special inquiries.
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How To Prepare
Your Package

The method of shipping is up to your own discretion. The majority of our shipments are received through the post office by registered or insured mail.

Packaging Your Scrap

You may ship your precious metal scrap to us in a secure envelope or a shipping box of your choice. YOU MUST INCLUDE a completed REFINING CHAIN OF CUSTODY FORM with your shipment.

If you are unable to print the form, please include a letter with a contact name, company name, address, etc. You MUST include all the same information that is requested on the REFINING CHAIN OF CUSTODY FORM. This information will help expedite the processing of your shipment through our Refining Department.

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Double plastic bag and seal your material securely. Wrap sharp objects in a paper towel to avoid punctures.
  2. Place into a secure envelope or box along with the REFINING CHAIN OF CUSTODY FORM, or include a letter with all pertinent information (Make a copy for your records)
  3. Label the outside left corner of your envelope or box with your name and return address or print a FREE shipping label.
  4. Address your shipment to: Hoover & Strong, 10700 Trade Rd., N. Chesterfield, VA 23236. No need to mark the package to anyone's attention. All packages come to our refining division.
  5. Drop into the mail.

If you use our FREE Shipping Label, tape the shipping label securely on the outside of your package and leave it with your FedEx driver or drop-off point.

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