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Hoover & Strong Grievance Policy

At Hoover & Strong, we have outlined a series of provenance claims as part of our RJC Code of Practices certification:

Type of claim Material Wording of claim
Practices Gold The seller warrants that the gold has been supplied in compliance with the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol (SRSP).
Source Gold & PGM's Hoover & Strong provides recycled gold, platinum & palladium under the tradename Harmony Metals®. The sources of these metals are from responsible source suppliers.
Source Gold Hoover & Strong provides Fairmined and Fairtrade certified gold sourced from small-scale and artisanal miners.
Source Gold Hoover & Strong supplies gold sourced from artisanal miners in the DRC. These are fully traceable and conflict-free based upon a series of chain of custody documentation using the Consensas traceability and due diligence technology platform, and to OECD guidelines using the Better Sourcing Program.
Source Diamonds Hoover & Strong sources Harmony Recycled Diamonds from our in-house refinery. A recycled diamond is a naturally occurring diamond from mined rough, previously set in jewelry and then removed for re-sale.
Source Diamonds Hoover & Strong sources diamonds from Canada based on written assurances from our suppliers.
Source Diamonds Hoover & Strong sources diamonds that are conflict-free based on written assurances from our suppliers.


Our priority is to satisfy all of our customers’ jewelry and refining needs. Hoover & Strong recognizes that our customers and suppliers may have grievances with respect to our RJC provenance claims, and that they need a mechanism to bring these to our attention. Your views are important to us, and we will give equal emphasis to any complaints brought to our attention.

Hoover & Strong has established the following complaints procedure to hear concerns about
circumstances in the supply chain.

Hoover & Strong Grievance Mechanism

Concerns can be raised by interested parties via our ONLINE FORM. Details of any complaint
regarding our provenance claims can be included on the form.

Upon receiving the complaint, we will:

• Get an accurate report of the complaint
• Explain our complaints procedure
• Find out how the complainant would like the grievance to be handled
• Decide who is the appropriate person internally to handle the complaint
• Identify any actions we should take, or monitor the situation
• Advise the complainant of any decisions or outcomes
• Keep records on complaints received, and the internal process followed, for at least five years

Dani Cutler, Customer Service & Marketing manager, is responsible for implementing this procedure. Stewart Grice, VP Mill Products, is responsible for reviewing this policy.

Stewart Grice
VP Mill Products
Effective: 06/11/19

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