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Harmony at Hoover & Strong

We Are the Responsible and Ethical Source for Jewelers

Since our early beginnings in 1912 as a platinum metal refiner, Hoover & Strong has always provided socially and environmentally-responsible products and services to the jewelry industry.

HarmonyHarmony Recycled Precious Metals

Hoover & Strong manufactures over 30,000 eco-friendly jewelry products, all Made in the USA with Harmony Recycled Precious Metals, all of which carry the SCS third-party certification of recycled content.

Print the 2016 Harmony Brochure  | Get Listed as a Harmony Authorized Retailer or Partner

From mill products to finished bridal jewelry, our jewelers have the opportunity to create the most responsible, eco-friendly jewelry in the history of this industry.

SCS CertSCS Certification

All Harmony Recycled Precious Metals manufactured at Hoover & Strong including gold, platinum, palladium and silver are 100% recycled. We are audited every year by SCS Global Services, and have received the renewal certificates for 100% recycled precious metals every year since our original certification.

SCS Certifications | View our SCS Certificate

*A small percentage of chains and findings are not made in-house. These findings and 24k grain are not recycled and are not part of the HARMONY brand. View list.

Ethical Milestones

2008 - Hoover & Strong becomes the first jewelry manufacturer to produce all of their 30,000 mill and findings products with 100% recycled Harmony gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

2009 - Hoover & Strong becomes the first manufacturer to be independently third-party certified by SCS Global Services for the recycled content of its Harmony precious metal products.

2010 - Hoover & Strong begins offering Harmony Recycled Diamonds and responsibly-sourced Canadian Diamonds.

2012 - Hoover & Strong’s refinery receives the Responsible Source Certification from SCS Global Services. With 80% less chemical usage and zero waste-water discharge, it is the greenest precious metals refinery in the world.

2013 - Hoover & Strong partners with Ethical Metalsmiths to bring Fairmined Gold to the U.S. jewelry market for the first time.

2014 - Hoover & Strong introduces Harmony Diamond Auctions, allowing diamond buyers and sellers an easy-to-use, cutting-edge online platform for buying and selling recycled diamonds.

2017 - Hoover & Strong introduces Lab Grown Diamonds, a sustainable alternative to mined diamonds

More Green Efforts within the Hoover & Strong Facility

  • We recycle all plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, steel, copper, batteries, white papers, newspapers, magazines and cardboard packaging
  • We have replaced our fluorescent ceiling lights for LED lights which use less energy
  • Skylights and large windows provide natural light in the factory
  • Our newer equipment runs on 3-phase electricity which uses less power than 1-phase electricity
  • Controlled thermostats, set to energy-saving 68 degrees during the day, off at night
  • We use recycled laser toner cartridges in our printers

RefiningHoover & Strong’s SCS Certified Responsible Refining

Hoover & Strong has been refining precious metals for over 106 years and we pride ourselves on being the WORLD’S GREENEST REFINER!

Our refinery uses processes that produce 75% less chemicals and create zero waste water discharge. Scrubber systems remove harmful particulates from all exhaust fumes, so only clean air enters the environment.

All cooling water for the smelting furnaces is recycled. Hoover & Strong utilizes environmentally-friendly refining techniques that always exceed federal, state and local environmental regulations.

In April 2012, SCS Global Services, a globally-recognized independent third party sustainability expert, certified us as a "Responsible Source" refiner.

We continue to receive the renewal certifications for Responsible Source every year.

What Makes Us the World's Greenest Refiner

  • Our gold refining process reduces the quantity of waste products generated per ounce recovered by 75%.
  • Our platinum and palladium refining processes reduce the quantity of waste products generated per ounce recovered by 60%.
  • All furnace and chemical exhaust fumes are processed through a scrubber system that removes all harmful particulates, neutralizes the acidity, cleaning the air before it is released into the environment.
  • Our zero discharge waste water treatment facility removes all harmful materials from the water before it is evaporated. Absolutely no waste water is discharged into the environment.
  • All cooling water for our refining smelting furnaces is provided by a fully recycled, no-loss water cooling system.
  • Supplier screening and supply chain risk assessment practices are in use to prevent destructive environmental practices.
  • Fair labor practices and labor protections are in place to ensure fair treatment of workers.
  • All refining processes and products are manufactured in a USA facility certified for environmental and social accountability.

Hoover & Strong’s Responsible Diamond Sources

Our database includes over 8,000 certified loose diamonds that are conflict-free and come from sources that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification System. This process, created to eliminate the flow of  "conflict or blood diamonds", requires participating countries to tightly control the import and export of rough diamonds and to establish control systems over their private sectors that trade in rough diamonds.

Additionally, our customers have the option of searching our Harmony Diamonds collection which includes recycled diamonds AND Canadian diamonds.

Diamond SourcesHarmony Recycled Diamonds - The most eco-friendly natural diamonds available

A recycled diamond has been previously set in jewelry, then removed and re-introduced into the supply chain for resale. Many millions of recycled diamonds are part of the world’s existing, above ground, supply of diamonds. Hoover & Strong participates in the acquisition and reintroduction of these diamonds back into the jewelry supply chain.

How we obtain Harmony Recycled Diamonds  - We provide refining services to our customers which include free stone removal, diamond brokering, melee sorting and diamond grading. These services allow our customers the opportunity to recycle and sell their stones for the highest prices, and allow us to feed our inventory of Harmony Recycled Diamonds. We also buy loose diamonds.


Canadian Diamonds - Hoover & Strong offers certified, conflict free, diamonds from the Canadian Arctic. These diamonds are mined in the Canadian North and responsibly cut and polished. Their production and sale are subject to strict standards, set out by the Canadian Code of Conduct, CanadaMark™, and the Government of the Northwest Territories, designed to protect the Arctic environment, mine workers and local employees. Known for their sparkle and clarity, Canadian diamonds rank among the most spectacular diamonds currently available.

Learn more about our Loose Diamond Program.

Diamond ServicesHoover & Strong’s Responsible Diamond Services

Refining, Stone Purchasing, Stone Removal, Melee Sorting, CZ Frosting, Stone Setting

We buy diamonds from customers’ refining lots. Removing diamonds from metal scrap can be a time-consuming process for our customers, often resulting in significant stone breakage. Our state-of-the-art chemical processing facility removes diamonds quickly and safely, without a lot of stone damage or waste.

We also buy loose diamonds...breakouts and melee, including all stone sizes, shapes, qualities and quantities. This service saves our customers valuable time and money. We are able to pay the highest prices for their diamonds because we recycle them.


AuctionsHarmony Diamond Auctions - Sell your diamonds in auction at the highest prices, easily and safely. This revolutionary online platform, provided by Hoover & Strong, recycles diamonds back into the jewelry supply chain. Diamond sellers can connect worldwide with qualified diamond buyers and get the highest prices for their stones without any risks. Diamond buyers have access to a large selection of guaranteed recycled diamonds and can place bids online without a deposit. Detailed descriptions, photos and expert grading information allow diamond buyers to place their bids online, risk-free, from the comfort of their own home or office.


myAuctionmyAuction - With the introduction of myAuction in 2016, Hoover & Strong has given jewelers the opportunity to increase store revenue without any risks or up-front costs.

myAuction websites, customized for each participating jewelry store, allow store customers to auction their diamonds online to a large audience of qualified buyers. Easy to use and secure, this auction gives customers a platform to recycle their diamonds and receive the highest prices for their stones.

FairminedHoover & Strong’s Responsible Fairmined Metal Mining Sources

Fairmined Gold and Silver - A Second Way for our Customers to Purchase Metal Responsibly

In 2013, Hoover & Strong partnered with Ethical Metalsmiths to bring Fairmined Gold to the U.S. for the very first time. Now, in addition to Harmony Recycled Precious Metal products, our customers have the additional option of choosing responsible jewelry products made from Certified Fairmined Gold or Silver. These Fairmined purchases positively impact thousands of artisanal miners, their families and communities that are in need.

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM). It is backed by a rigorous 3rd party certification that ensures that small entrepreneurial mining communities meet world leading standards for responsible practices. Fairmined transforms mining into an active force for good, delivering social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold they can be proud of.

For every kilo of Fairmined Gold and Silver that we purchase, a fair price and premium is paid directly to the mining organization. The community, as a group, decides how to spend the premium, whether it be on improved working conditions or on an improved quality of life.

Since obtaining their Fairmined Certification in 2012, the AURELSA mine in Peru (our first Fairmined source) has accomplished many important milestones:

  • AURELSA is recognized regionally as a leader of responsible mining
  • Through Fairmined, AURELSA is now a direct exporter of their own gold
  • Operation and maintenance of three schools, supporting 500+ students
  • Investment in the local health center and subsidized community grocery store
  • The construction of a desorption plant, resulting in increased efficiencies
  • Investment in the construction of roads to facilitate easier access of miners and community members
  • Investment in improvements to the security of the processing plant
  • Investment in workplace health and safety, including equipment
  • Investment in financial systems to improve reporting and internal system of control, including the construction of a desorption plant resulting in increased efficiencies and retained value

AURELSA mine information above obtained from www.fairmined.org

SCS Certified Fairmined Gold and Silver

On August 1, 2015, Hoover & Strong received the SCS Certification for our Fairmined Gold and Silver. This certification guarantees that our Fairmined Gold and Fairmined Silver products meet all necessary qualifications to be certified for the following claim: This certificate validates the permission granted by the Alliance for Responsible Mining for this holder to act as a: Fairmined First Authorized Buyer.

When placing your order for casting grain, sheet or wire, you can choose the Harmony Fairmined option. Fairmined Contract Casting is also offered. Buying Hoover & Strong's Fairmined products is a responsible alternative to purchasing Harmony recycled metal products and helps thousands of artisanal miners, their families and their communities that are in need.

Learn more about Fairmined and how your responsible choices make an impact.


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