We will be closed July 3 - 7 for the July 4th holiday shutdown. Please place all mill and jewelry orders by Monday, June 26. We are unable to guarantee delivery on orders placed after June 26. Call Customer Service for RUSH availability. Orders placed during shutdown will be priced at July 10 metal market rates, the day we re-open. Have a wonderful holiday!
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Our Environmental Policy

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Our Environmental Policy - It is Hoover and Strong’s policy to promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of our customers, consumers, employees and the communities in which we operate.  We will conduct and grow our business in a manner that protects the environment and demonstrates stewardship of our world’s natural resources.

Hoover and Strong strives for continual improvement through the development of specific programs and processes that address the environmental cost and impact of our activities, products and services.

This is being achieved by:

  • Complying with applicable regulations and standards to which we subscribe
  • Supporting pollution prevention and minimization programs
  • Hoover and Strong performs Zero Discharge wastewater treatment in our facility
  • Using materials and energy efficiently to conserve natural resources
  • Minimizing the emissions that can contribute to air pollution
  • At Hoover, we maintain four large fume scrubbers to significantly reduce our emissions
  • Hoover and Strong uses the Miller Process to refine gold, reducing acid use by 85%
  • Reviewing environmental objectives and monitoring performanceCooperating and developing liaisons with the community, suppliers and contractors, government agencies and other organizations engaged in improving the environment

As a global jewelry manufacturer and refiner, Hoover and Strong is committed to design, manufacture, handle and distribute our products and services to ensure that this policy is met at all locations.

Torry Hoover, President
Hoover & Strong

Read our Full Compliance Disclosure Here

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