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Donna Distefano Expands Fair Trade Initiative

New York, NY

Nearly everyone is aware of the controversy surrounding conflict diamonds, but few are aware that the gold and colored gemstone industries can be even more destructive, and dangerous. One New York expert jeweler and goldsmith is on a mission to change the way America buys jewelry.

Donna Distefano has launched a fair trade initiative that ensures her opulent jewelry is free from associations with environmental destruction or human rights violations. With a growing celebrity following, her mission is now catching on. With the glamour of the Golden Globes and the Grammy Awards behind us and the Oscar nominees announced yesterday, jewelry trends will continue to be prevalent in the media. Rising stars are looking to Donna Distefano jewelry so they can wear something beautiful while doing something good.

Says actress Paula Garces (Harold and Kumar), "I only feel comfortable wearing Donna Distefano jewelry, because no jewel however beautiful is worth even one second of human suffering."

Actress Milena Govich (Rescue Me) states, "Many people do not even consider where or how their jewelry is made. I do. And that is why I only wear Donna Distefano on the red carpet."

Stephanie March (Law & Order: SVU) makes it clear, "How many things in the world are as good for people as they are beautiful? Donna Distefano creates beauty, glamour, AND safety in each precious piece"

With so many prominent personalities espousing the jewelry of Donna Distefano, it is up to you to beg the question of your audience, "Do you know the true cost of jewelry? Do you know that there is an alternative that can leave the world a better place? Isn't it time you made the commitment to wear something beautiful while doing something good?" That time is now. Donna Distefano is the answer.

The Donna Distefano Jewelry Atelier is located at 37 West 20th St, Suite 1106 between 5th and 6th Avenues in New York City. For more information, contact Judy Ann Olsen - judyannolsen@msn.com 212.594.3757***
About Donna Distefano Ltd
Donna Distefano's original jewelry designs are hand-wrought in her New York City Jewelry Atelier and are highly sought after by the top names in entertainment, music, and sports. She combines beautiful recycled Harmony® metals with fair trade gems and conflict free diamonds to create an unforgettable, inherently glamorous story told by the hands of a true goldsmith.

For information: www.donnadistefanoltd.com

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