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CZ Frosting

CZ FrostingThe Easy Way to Separate CZs from Diamonds!

We are happy to offer this NEW service to help you separate the CZs from your breakout melee.

CZ Frosting is a chemical process which allows for the easy separation of CZs from Diamonds. During the process, the CZs in the parcel get etched (like etched glass) and therefore are easily detectable and separable from the diamonds in the parcel.

*This process is safe for diamonds, but does affect colored gemstones and could permanently damage them. Please make sure to have any valuable gemstones removed from your parcel before the CZ frosting process.

Pricing for CZ Frosting

If you are interested in our CZ Frosting Service, the charge is $75 per parcel. This fee will be added to your refining charge. (This fee includes the CZ frosting only).

NOTE: Pricing is for lots up to 1000.00 ct. Larger lots will be priced individually.

CZ Separation - We also offer CZ separation service, which is done after the Frosting, and will be charged at $1 per carat.

Colored Stones Separation - Since the CZ frosting process can permanently damage colored gemstones, we can separate the colored gemstones before the CZ frosting process. The charge for this service is $25.


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