07.27.2017 Metal Prices
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Hoover & Strong is a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and DOES NOT SELL to the public. The products shown here are for viewing purposes only. Prices are estimates of what you might pay at a retail jewelry store (at today's metal market prices) for a ring without the center stone. If you see something you like here, please contact your local jewelry store to purchase our product.

Jewelry Industry - If you are an existing Hoover and Strong customer, please log-in using your client user name and password for current pricing. If you are a Hoover & Strong customer and have not yet created an account, please call sales at 800-759-9997.

New Accounts - Hoover & Strong is in full compliance with the USA Patriot Act and its Anti Money Laundering provision. Hoover & Strong does not sell to the general public. You will be asked to provide a government issued identification number such as your Federal Tax ID #, Social Security #, state issued driver’s license, passport, or state issued ID card. All information submitted will be held in strict confidence. This is for the protection of Hoover & Strong as well as our customers.

We collect Virginia state sales tax on all Virginia businesses. For exemption, we must have a Virginia Tax Exempt Form (Form ST-11) on file. A copy of the Virginia Tax Exempt Form can be found here.

New accounts, please call the sales department at 800-759-9997.

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