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Crazy 8 Wire Specifications

CZY - Crazy 8 Wire SpecificationsNew


Gold carried in straight 1 foot lengths ready to ship. Also available made to order in coiled form. Silver supplied in coiled form over 2 feet (1/2 oz minimum).

If ordering over 2 feet in 1 foot pieces, $.61/ft cutting/straightening charge applied.

Dimensions: 3.35 x 1.65MM


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Crazy 8 Wire


  • 10K White
  • 10K Yellow
  • 14K Palladium White
  • 14K Red
  • 14K Yellow
  • 18K Palladium White
  • 18K Pink
  • 18K Royal Yellow
  • 18K White
  • 18K Yellow
  • 18K Red
  • 22K Yellow
  • Palladium TruPd
  • Platinum/Iridium
  • Platinum/Ruthenium
  • Sterling Silver



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