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Contract Casting
Terms and Agreement

Note To Customer -

In addition to the agreement below, if you opt not to have a mold manufactured or do not state at time of order that you need a mold manufactured & for any reason your casting fails in the casting process, Hoover & Strong is not responsible for reproduction of new waxes or reimbursement for new waxes to be manufactured.

We cannot start production on your casting order until we receive this agreement back. Please review the agreement, sign & date it and send back to Hoover & Strong. You may also fax it to 1-800-616-9997. Please note this agreement holds true for all contract casting orders placed with Hoover & Strong. Please keep a copy of this agreement for your records.

We can select the mold material that best suits your piece. Generally, there is 1% to 6% shrinkage from master to finished piece. Shrinkage has been calculated from in-house tests and manufacturer specifications and may be different depending on model geometry. (Example: Marquise dimensions change differently than squares and outside dimension change differently than inside dimensions.)

It is your responsibility to plan for the dimensional change in your parts based on your needs. Consider your model’s finish, mold material, finishing process and final part requirements. Please call or e-mail with any dimensional change (shrinkage), concerns or for further explanation.

If you want us to work from your mold or metal model, it may be necessary for us to make modifications to them to assure quality. We may need to replace, modify, move, or completely alter the feed sprue system of your metal model to get the best casting result. Minor mold alterations are typically done at no charge. Major alterations to molds or sprue changes on models are done for a fee. Sprue changes on models will also require making a new mold, for a minimal fee.

A great deal of time, energy, and testing is spent by our product development department to engineer absolute casting quality into each cast product. Most designers, custom carvers, and retail jewelers don’t have the luxury to test their one of a kind or limited production designs in this manner. We often receive esthetically beautiful waxes and computer generated models that do not follow the natural laws of metallurgical physics. These technical design issues sometimes cause porosity, non-fills, and other casting defects, and we may determine that we cannot successfully cast your project. We will contact you in advance regarding any changes, or if we feel that we cannot successfully cast your project we will return your project to you at our cost.

We do our best, based on our experience, to compensate for these issues with sprues, risers, flask and metal temperatures but without testing, it’s a best "guess". Hoover & Strong cannot be responsible for these types of defects. If there is a mold available we sometimes recast your parts at no charge to you. These additional casting trials will be at our discretion, and you will be contacted if there are charges to be incurred. If you choose not to have modifications to your molds or models, we cannot guarantee that there will be no seams or perfect fills. Additional wax injection charges may be applied based on the wax shot to acceptable wax ratio and the amount of time required to clean the waxes from your mold. We reserve the right to reject a mold if we feel that the labor required to produce the order exceeds our costs.

If you have spent a lot of time or money making a hand carved wax or rapid prototype, it is always in your best interest to make an RTV mold of your valuable design. The small $30 investment in a mold is far cheaper than re-carving or rebuilding your design again in the unlikely event of a less than satisfactory casting.

I agree to the terms as outlined above.

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