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Compliance and Responsibility

Hoover & Strong Environmental Policy

It is Hoover & Strong’s policy to promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of our customers, consumers, employees and the communities in which we operate. We will conduct and grow our business in a manner that protects the environment and demonstrates stewardship of our world’s natural resources.

Hoover and Strong strives for continual improvement through the development of specific programs that address the environmental cost and impact of our activities, products and services.

This is being achieved by:

  • Complying with applicable regulations and standards to which we subscribe Supporting pollution prevention and minimization programsUsing materials and energy efficiently to conserve natural resources Minimizing the emissions that can contribute to air pollution
  • Reviewing environmental objectives and monitoring performance
  • Cooperating and developing liaisons with the community, suppliers and contractors, government agencies and other organizations engaged in improving the environment

As a global jewelry manufacturer and refiner, Hoover and Strong is committed to design, manufacture, handle and distribute our products and services to ensure that this policy is met at all locations.

On August 22nd of 2012, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) introduced the Dodd-Frank* Act. Section 1502 is a provision regulating the trade of gold. Compliance with this provision impacts manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers within the jewelry industry. As part of this legislation, certain companies who file reports with the SEC, will be required to provide annual disclosures in regards to their use of conflict minerals defined in Section 1502. For more information on Dodd-Frank and its impacts, download the JVC's Essential Guide to Conflict Minerals and Dodd Frank publication.

Does your company comply with Dodd-Frank to ensure conflict-free gold sourcing? Let Hoover & Strong help you fulfill your Dodd-Frank requirements!

Click here for a printable PDF of our Compliance Disclosure

Harmony MetalsDodd-Frank Compliant

Hoover & Strong proudly manufactures over 30,000 products with Harmony Recycled Metals. All Harmony Recycled Metals, as audited and certified by SCS Global Services, come from 100% recycled sources. These Harmony Recycled Metal findings, mill products and finished jewelry are made from recycled jewelry scrap.

Because Hoover & Strong’s Harmony Recycled Metal supply comes entirely from scrap metal purchased from jewelers, you automatically comply with the Dodd-Frank Act by buying these products. See our full compliance disclosure here.

Responsible Source100% Recycled Harmony Precious Metals

Hoover & Strong’s precious metal supply comes from scrap metal purchased from American jewelers which is then processed and refined at Hoover & Strong’s green refinery. All Harmony Metals including gold, platinum, palladium and silver, come from conflict-free, 100% recycled sources.

We are an SCS Certified Responsible Source. As part of this Certification, SCS Global Services confirms that our range of Harmony recycled precious metal products are manufactured using 100% recycled precious metals.

World's Greenest Refiner

Hoover & Strong uses only 100% recycled precious metals from ethically sound sources in our products. We are completely committed to identifying the origin of the materials that we purchase through our Refining Division. We require that all refinery customers to complete our Anti-Money Laundering Form which must be completed and returned to us before we will process any scrap.

Our procedures and processes assess the risk associated with suppliers of refinery materials and eliminate the purchase of precious metals that are considered conflict materials, materials sourced from deceptive purchasing practices and mined materials.


Hoover & Strong has brought Fairmined certified gold and silver to the U.S. jewelry market! FAIRMINED is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible artisanal mining communities that meet world leading standards for best practices, ensuring social development and environmental protection, providing US jewelers with a source of gold they can be proud of.

In exchange for mining responsibly miners receive a fair price and a premium. This premium goes directly to the mining communities for transparent investment in their developmental goals, such as education; food subsidies, medical and dental services; jewelry workshops for local women; and technology for increased efficiencies.

Hoover & Strong offers Harmony Fairmined casting grain, sheet and round wire in 14K Yellow, 18K Royal, 24K Yellow, Sterling Silver and Fine Silver. See Details

European Nickel Directive

If your jewelry products are to be exported and sold within the European Union, they must be compliant with the latest requirements of the EU Nickel Directive.

All Hoover and Strong metals, with the exception of 10K White and 14K Brilliant White, have been third-party tested according to procedures based on BS EN 12472:2005 + A1:2009 and BS EN1811:2011 and have been determined to be compliant with the European Nickel Directive.

RJC Member

Hoover & Strong is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and is certified under their Code of Practices standard.

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