07-23-2021 METAL MARKETS: Gold 1,799.60 | Silver 25.35 | Platinum 1,075.00 | Palladium 2,728.00 | Iridium 5,600.00 | Ruthenium 750.00


Casting Grain
and Casting Alloy

All casting products are free from dissolved gas, oxides and inclusions, resulting in a clean melt with optimum flow properties for all casting uses. Finished castings have enhanced brightness and color with minimal mis-casts/non-fills, minimal porosity and minimal inclusions. Minimum order is 1 oz for sterling silver, 5 dwts for gold.

We provide gold casting in a variety of colors including yellow, royal yellow, white, brilliant white, red, pink, peach and green - and in a wide range of carat options. Our silver casting grain is available in fine, sterling, and deox sterling. We offer several platinum casting grains to choose from. And palladium casting grain is one of our specialties with palladium white gold, fine, and 950 palladium all available from Hoover & Strong.

See our Casting Grain Specifications to see the variety and composition of our casting grain.

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