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Harmony Artisanal Metals

Buy Harmony Artisanal Mill Products and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Join Hoover & Strong in our support of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities! For over 3 years, we have supported ASM communities with our Fairmined and Fairtrade gold purchases from Colombia and Peru.

Celebrate love, give happiness, spread joy with Fairmined gold. WATCH THE FAIRMINED VIDEO!

WE HAVE A BRAND NEW SOURCE! With the addition of fully traceable, conflict-free, artisanal Harmony Fair Congo Gold, we now proudly provide you with 3 artisanal options to choose from, for select mill products!

Artisanal Sources

Choose the artisanal mining source you wish to support! Click the images above for more info on each source.

Your purchases of Harmony Artisanal Mill Products will help improve lives and communities in Colombia, Peru and the Democratic Republic of Congo. All mining partners receive a fair price for their gold which contributes to the growth and well-being of their communities. The income they earn from artisanal mining can be invested in improved working and living conditions, healthcare, safety and mercury-free extraction systems. VIEW THE FLYER for mill product specifications.

Look for the Harmony Artisanal Metal options when placing your next order. SHOP FOR MILL PRODUCTS NOW!



Harmony Artisanal Metals

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